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Microsoft Security Essentials protects your computer from viruses, malware and more. Released by Microsoft in September 2009, it was met with positive reviews. 

Reviews mentioned its simple user interface and low resource usage during scans as positives. It's free price tag also made it a clear choice for consumers looking for antivirus software.

By March 2012, Microsoft Security Essentials was the most popular antivirus tool in North America. It also became the second most popular tool worldwide. It was often considered a better alternative to AVG and Norton - competing antivirus software.

Microsoft Security Essentials replaced Windows Live OneCare, a now discontinued subscription-based antivirus service.

Definition updates to keep your antivirus protection up-to-date are available three times a day. These are available through the Windows Update, or downloads from the Microsoft website.

Microsoft Security Essentials offers three types of system scans: quick, full or customizable. These can be scheduled at times that suit, or started at a press of a button. Once completed, you can see a list of issues, if any, and remove infected files. Note that Microsoft Security Essentials removes infected files from your system. If you allow it to remove the infected files, you will not be able to retrieve them back.

For an easy to use antivirus program, Microsoft Security Essentials fits the bill. It's simple and is perfect for home use. It gets the job done and for most people, that's all you need.

Software Features

  • Real-time antivirus protection
  • Protects your PC against malware, viruses, spyware, trojans and rootkits
  • Automatic definition updates downloaded daily (internet connection required)
  • Removes infected files from your system

Operating Systems Supported

Microsoft Security Essentials can run on the following operating systems:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8*
  • Windows 8.1*
  • Windows 10*

* Windows 8 and later operating systems use the Windows Defender software.

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