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Gretech Online Movie Player, or GOM Player for short, is an audio and video player. GOM Player includes many settings to customize your playback experience.

With many popular file types supported for music and video, GOM Player is a popular media player choice. When you do not have the required codec installed, GOM Player will search online for you. The information provided allows you to download the missing codec to your computer.

Within the customization settings, is video and audio file controls. The A-B repeat setting allows you to loop a section of a video when played. Further, users can adjust video effects such as saturation, contrast, brightness and more. These settings can then be saved to use again along with preset options. A screen capture feature is also included, allowing you to save shots of your screen.

A modern, clean interface and its simplicity of use makes GOM Player a popular media player. With customization options within the look of the player as well with custom skins, you can make GOM Player your own. These are changeable through the software's Preferences tab. Elements of the software, such as the playlist and control panel, can be moved on your screen. This gives you greater control of layout over other conventional media players.

GOM Player is perfect for playing a wide variety of video and audio files. Download it today and start enjoying movies, music and podcasts!

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