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Advanced SystemCare is a PC Optimizer that will enhance your computer's performance and speed to make it run like new again.

Advanced SystemCare troubleshoots your computer and detects the reasons it's running slowly or hanging up. The Speed Up module cleans up old junk from your system, such as junk files, programs you don't want or use, and registry errors.

Your computer shouldn't take several minutes to start up, and Advanced System Care can get it booting up quickly and smoothly by getting rid of unnecessary programs. This can result in your computer starting up to 200% faster! This software will also update your computer's drivers and shred unwanted files.

Does your web browser lag, take forever to navigate to a new page and frequently crash? Advanced System Care can get it running quickly and smoothly. The program gets rid of useless cookies, and detects and eliminates dangerous toolbars and plug-ins. It also gives the plugins a star rating of up to 5 stars that identifies how well the community likes a particular plugin. This gives you the information you need to determine whether or not you want to remove a program that Advanced System Care has identified as slowing down your browser.

Advanced SystemCare even works as an anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-adware program. It detects these malicious tracking and information gathering bots and removes the threat.

The interface is simple, and clearly identifies the number of spyware threats, registry errors, privacy issues, junk files, internet problems, shortcut errors, registry fragments, performance issues, browser security issues, disk errors, security holes, and disk optimization issues.

If you're tired of your computer functioning like a DOS dinosaur, download Advanced SystemCare and get the speed and performance that a 21st century computer should have.

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